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Old downtown district of Tokyo’s skill & style creating charming new Edo Kiriko - Hirota Glass Co., Ltd.

About Rin crossing

Rin crossing is a project to support various Japanese local manufacturers that are eagerly committed to producing items using local resources and traditional techniques. It is run by the ”Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (SMRJ)”, an incorporated administrative agency which comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

As of March 2015, only attractive select items from 180 manufacturers that have passed rigorous inspection by experts etc are certified as being part of the “Rin crossing collection”. Besides, the organization supports Japanese manufacturers to further develop their businesses by introducing creators who can work together to make better products and new buyers who can open new retail outlets.

With the opening of the special site on JAPANSQUARE, Rin crossing offers new opportunities for manufacturers to promote their skillfully created items, and proposes a brand-new lifestyle to customers.

Rin crossing

About the“Rin crossing” certification mark.

On JAPANSQUARE, this logo mark appears on the left of the image to show a Rin crossing certified item.

Please note the following before use

  • * In general we strive to ship all orders within 9 days, but some craft items on JAPANSQUARE may require longer than this. If this is the case for your order we will inform you by phone or email, and we are of course happy to take your inquiry at any time.
  • * There are many fragile pieces. Please be aware of the vulnerabilities of the materials used for your item and treat them carefully.
  • * If you have any questions about when your order will be shipped or how it is used please don't hesitate to contact us. If specialist knowledge is required to answer your question we will contact the manufacturer.
  • * There are many Rin crossing items (particularly traditional craftworks) that are hand-made. As a result, the item's color, shape etc. may vary slightly from that shown in the photos.
  • * Please note that we do not provide refunds or exchanges for any reason other than there being a fault with the item.

Rin crossing | The Place of Discovery

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