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Dolls & Ornaments Feature
  • Articles representing prayers
Various Dolls
  • Auspicious symbols
Various Ornaments
  • Feel tenderness & serenity
Objects that move/make a sound

Hina dolls which are displayed to pray for the healthy growth of
girls have especially gorgeous costumes and details among Japanese dolls.
Looking at these dolls with gentle smiles that have been carefully handcrafted
as if affectionately nurturing children, we will be soothed as well.

Folding fans were originally carried around by women at a formal occasion. Since then,
they have been utilized in various ways such as stage props for traditional dance
and an item to make a cool breeze.
They are now popular as an interior decoration thanks to their flamboyant patterns.

Lacquerware, ceramics and woodworks serve well not only
as practical items but also as art pieces.
Choose one with a delightful pattern and bring good luck to your family.

Clear sound has been believed to drive away evil and purify fields,
so bells have been used in ceremonies held at temples, etc.
They later became an instrument, and this was perhaps
because of their power to penetrate into and soothe people’s hearts.
The sound of copperware is now well noted for its effect of soothing hearts
and increasing concentration when studying.

Tenorin Palm-Sized Bell Silver/Black

A cute table top bell that fits into the palm of the hand.
Among a stillness, its sound penetrates into the heart.

Tenorin Palm-Sized Bell Silver/Black

JP¥ 6,000

Otomorin Brilliant Carnellion

The natural power of beautifully colored natural stone soothes the heart.

Otomorin Brilliant Carnellion

JP¥ 4,400

See the Kyujo orin series here, which derived from the traditional Takaoka Copperware in Takaoka, Toyama
Tenorin Palm-Sized Bell Silver Tenorin Palm-Sized Bell Black

These toys gently change moods among people.
Everyone from children to grown ups will be soothed.

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